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In The Force in you seminar we teach all kinds of techniques to heal and enlighten yourself. Some of the main exercises after mental cleansing are the "contactless" energy exercises, also known in Asia as part of qigong as Void Force (China), Li Force, Ling Kong Jing, Kong Kjin, Fa Jing, Sim Pooh Ho and Ilmu Tenaga Dalam are / Debus (Indonesia), Lubki / Swarga / Systema (Russia) KI body intelligence (Germany / Austria name of Karl Grunick), KI from Aikido (Koichi Tohei) or inner strength is a natural ability that seems to be supernatural in its effects. It's like a strong magnetic shield protecting you from enemy threats.

The weekend seminar «THE FORCE IN YOU" is about the refinement of your mind, body and soul skills. This means that on the first day the mind is brought into the correct state of mind in order to be ready to learn and integrate different new concepts more quickly.

Day 1

On the first day the mind is brought into the correct state of mind in order to be ready to learn and integrate different new concepts more quickly. It is a spiritual acupuncture, through his ability to feel people's issues, he goes to the cause of the problems and solves the resistance by means of deep questions. Thus, the inner struggle is already neutralized on many levels, which serves to heal many problems. (Procedure see YT videos)

Day 2
On the following day, several layers are still being released from the subconscious in order to experience healing, but the struggle and the tension in the cells are increasingly released through physical exercises.

Day 3
On the last day we go into the energetic soul level and conclude with money healing and earthy exercises in order to arrive again completely and to be ready for normal everyday life.

However, this is only a rough overview as each seminar depends on the participants. During this weekend, a space of healing and self-knowledge will be created and depending on what each individual brings with them in terms of questions and ideas, the seminar can be created individually again and again, so only 30% remain constant in the seminar, which are the basic exercises of the secret techniques. Thus there are participants who have already attended over 6 weekend seminars and are always amazed that they always find new depths.

These old secret techniques, which were previously only passed on to a few special students after many years of hard training, serve for great relief in all areas of life. However, it is only taught in some cultures in Asia and comes from old Qigong, Aikido and other Inner Martial Art masters and is mostly only used there in combat or to show skills.

However, it is not only used for self-defense but also for healing and heart opening. It is not just a technique but a life tool, which will enrich you on all levels. In the seminar you will understand how internal and thus external conflicts arise and how you can easily solve them practically in order to lead your life to more joy and ease. From the very first day you can easily learn to recognize and deal with the roles of helper-victim-perpetrator in a playful way.

There are simple ways that open up more ease - we just have to choose these ways and go!

You don't need years of meditation. With the understanding of the principle and the experience of the effects on your own body, you will recognize and learn a world of undreamt-of possibilities on the first day.

Topics that will be discussed and practiced:

  • perceive different energies
  • More practical use in everyday life
  • More practical use in relationships
  • How can I quickly center and ground myself
  • Connection with people, animals or objects
  • Connect with people in different places
  • Mindfulness and awareness
  • Self defense
  • Expansion of your own potential
  • Changes in reality
  • quick healing of pain
  • quick transformation of negative feelings in one minute
  • Dense - emptiness and expanse
  • individual responsibility
  • Victim, perpetrator, helper roles
  • Money healing
  • etc.



«THE FORCE IN YOU» is an adventure in itself which can hardly be described in words and will release your potential and everything else that is hidden in you.


Would you like to learn how to experience a deeper connection with yourself and others, including animals?
Would you like to learn how to use life force to heal yourself and others and create a life of ease and abundance?
Are you ready for a big and positive change in your life?

Then register for the next seminar.



  • No alcohol, tobacco or drugs 5 days before the seminar.
  • Read seminar videos and texts to enable a faster process
  • Facebook: Join The Force in you Open Class group
  • With a fixed registration you will join the «The Force in you Masterystudents» group where several hundred people support each other in their processe

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The 4 most important texts are:

What if the seminar brings you more money than you invest?


Those who want something will find ways, those who wont will find excuses.

See you soon - your The Force in you team

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